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About Dog Theory

Hi There! It's me, Joel! 


Just a lone wolf artist/designer on a fantastic quest for video game glory! 

Ultimately, I'd like to reach the end of the road, look back on a lifetime of creativity - a rad video game journey full of crazy stories and wild adventures - and know in my heart that I did it right. That I lived enough and created enough to forge a true, authentic indie experience. That I was the real deal - a real video game designer. That's my dream. And I'm on the path to reaching it. 


I love the person I am when I create! And I'm searching for ways to take that passion, that heart, that love, and use it to make the world and myself better. More than any other dream or ambition I could chase after in life, this is the epic mountaintop I'm striving for. And as I travel further along the path, I discover more and more that the quest isn't money, attention, and prestige. It's practicing the art of game design to inspire and challenge myself, and to find joy and happiness in the pursuit.


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