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November 21, 2016

Experience Disastr_Blastr on Steam!

Gather your courage. Calm your nerves. Breathe deep. Then descend into a radical new dimension of abstract minimalist arcade fury in Disastr_Blastr!

-Blaze your merciless path of devastation through an expansive non-linear game world with 100+ stages of cortex-shattering cubic mayhem 
-Test your guts and reflexes against the unrelenting challenge of a design based on randomness, where no level ever plays out exactly the same way twice 
-Battle a host of insidious enemies that combine abilities to create chaotically unpredictable emergent challenges 
-Unleash hyper-destructive weaponry to achieve ever greater chain combo supremacy and elevate your score to legendary heights 
-Seek and destroy brutal boss enemies to unlock a series of wickedly challenging multi-boss duels
-Bang your head to the hypnotic beats of a full original soundtrack by visionary techno composer Joey Schmidt

Your ultimate indie arcade action nightmare begins now. Survive if you can!


CuriousDave is Addicted to Disastr_Blastr

January 26, 2016

Whats up guys! Just checked out this awesome new Disastr_Blastr gameplay video by my man CuriousDave... I believe this is his first ever attempt at playing the game, and he does great! He also rages pretty hard, and with no small amount of colorful language... Very entertianing stuff, especially if you have played the game—well worth taking time to watch. 


So I have been hard at work on the latest (and what I am almost completely sure will be the final) Disastr_Blastr game update for a few weeks now, and it is going great so far... I hope to be able to reveal some of the new features and updated visuals pretty soon, however as some of you know I am a full time computer science student and freelance artist as well as an indie creator, so... basically you guys are just going to have to wait until it's ready. Hope that's cool. :) In the meantime, enjoy the video and if you dig what you see go ahead and click Subscribe. Thanks for stopping by, see you guys again soon! 

Disastr_Blastr Greenlight Success!

December 23, 2015

After 6 months of brutal exile in the desert of Greenlight, Disastr_Blastr has finally been approved for Steam release!


A radical new dimension of abstract minimalist chaos is about to unfold... Meanwhile at Dog Theory, a major game update is in progress that will introduce new special items, improved graphics and an even more devastating spectrum of ruthless cubic weaponry. More details about the Steam release coming soon... Until then, sharpen up your ninja reflexes and await the coming nightmare of random quadrilateral death. :)



Disastr_Blastr Postmortem Analysis & Reflection

August 31, 2015

Just published a detailed postmortem analysis of Disastr_Blastr on Gamasutra with all my best thoughts and observations from 2 years of solo indie development. If you are interested in game design, or just want to know what it's like to spend 2 years building a game with nothing but blocks, check it out. :) Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy. 


Disastr_Blastr Postmortem on Gamasutra


StarGirl Super EMMA Gameplay Video 1

August 16, 2015

Here is the first video reveal of my Summer 2015 game project: StarGirl Super EMMA! This is by far the least finished game I have ever shown before, just 2 weeks into development at the time this video was recorded. I am making a serious effort to focus more on fun and creativity, and not get too bogged down dealing with technical details (until later in the process). Consequently, there are some unresolved bugs lurking in here, and the artwork is not incredibly polished yet... But I felt this little demonstration was enough to convey the essential spirit of the game, so there you have it.


This was to be my entry into the Captivate 2015 game design competition... but sadly the conference has been called off this year, so at this point SGSE is basically another side project for me to enjoy working on when I am not studying, doing game expos, or working on other games.


Please feel free to get in touch (my contact info is on the Profile page of this site) with any questions or comments about this project. More updates coming in the next couple months... For now, enjoy 1 minute of pure hardcore girl power! 


LPGE 2015: Joel Christiansen Interview with DarkHoleGames

August 9, 2015

Disastr_Blastr designer interview with Dark Jedi from DarkHoleGames live from Let's Play Gaming Expo 2015:


Disastr_Blastr on DarkHoleGames



August 9, 2015

YouTube rockstar Nathaniel Bandy interviews Disastr_Blastr creator Joel Christiansen live at SGC 2015. Check out the interview, and subscribe to Nathaniel Bandy on YouTube for more wildly entertaining coverage of Disastr_Blastr and other great games!




SGC 2015: Hands-On With Disastr_Blastr

August 9, 2015

Check out this excellent Disastr_Blastr review by Jordan Schilling on The Platformer:


SGC 2015: Hands-On with Disastr_Blastr


The player response to Disastr_Blastr continues to be overwhelmingly positive... If you appreciate simplicity, fast action and hyper-addictive old school challenge, this is the game you have been waiting for. Can you survive the nightmare of cubic insanity??? 

Disastr_Blastr at SGC 2015: Legend of the Tentacle Killer

July 19, 2015

Just got back from showing Disastr_Blastr at SGC 2015, and it was a truly amazing expo—one of the very best I have ever been to. Played a ton of awesome games and met lots of incredible people at this 3-day event, but there was one moment that stood out among all others, one I can only describe as unforgettable. 


On Saturday afternoon a handful of hardcore players joined forces in an effort to take down the World8 boss enemy (the dreaded "tentacle boss"). No player has ever beaten this enemy, and after perhaps 45 minutes of constant, brutal death in the clutches of the beast things were starting to look pretty grim for our brave heroes... Then a new player stepped up to the controller, and on his first ever attempt at playing Disastr_Blastr brought down the undefeated tentacle boss. This was one of the craziest things I have ever seen in a video game, and a truly unforgettable moment at SGC!


In honor of this unprecedented display of blasting skill, I present to you the legendary Tentacle Killer: WolfEli Perez Santizo

June 25, 2015

Disastr_Blastr PC Edition is released on itch.io!

Hardcore PC gamers rejoice... Disastr_Blastr PC Edition is now released on itch.io! The wait is over—go get the game here:


Disastr_Blastr PC Edition on itch.io



Disastr_Blastr on Steam Greenlight

June 23, 2015

Disastr_Blastr PC Edition is now finished and ready for release, and the Steam Greenlight campaign has just gone live! Click here to cast your vote and help this game get published on Steam:


Disastr_Blastr Greenlight Page


 And while you are here, take a minute to check out the brand new gameplay video! This video features some of the most dangerous and aggressive action Disastr_Blastr has to offer, in full HD glory, and set to the heaviest song from the game soundtrack. Enjoy the destruction!!!



May 21, 2015

Disastr_Blastr Live at Fanboy TV 8-Bit Salute, Saturday May 23

First big show of the summer hits this weekend!


Disastr_Blastr will be live at the Fanboy TV 8-Bit Salute, Saturday May 23... This is an epic 24-hour game-a-thon event to support Operation Supply Drop. Live appearance by Dog Theory at 3PM Central time--channel details here:




Disastr_Blastr Available Now on XBLIG

February 5, 2015

The release of Disastr_Blastr was expected to take up to 24 hours after the process was initiated...  It actually only took about 3 hours, so the game has launched almost a full day early! You can find it in the Indie Games area on Xbox Live--from the Home menu, navigate to Games > Browse Games > Indie > New Releases, or search for it by name. Check out the free trial, purchase for $1 US, and don't forget to rate the game! I really hope you enjoy Disastr_Blastr as much as we enjoyed creating it--thanks so much for your support. :)


Let the blasting commence! 


October 28, 2014

WitchVsWarlock Gameplay Demo 2014

WitchVsWarlock has been in the works as an experimental side project at Dog Theory for roughly a year...  This early version of the game represents about 6 to 8 weeks of development time (usually when I needed a breather from Disastr_Blastr).  


I just showed this version of the game at Captivate Conference 2014 in Austin, TX and It was a real pleasure to see so many players having fun with it, so for those of you who couldn't make it to the show I put together this little demo video featuring a live duel between a wily veteran game designer with 30+ years experience creating/playing video games and a 12 year old gaming prodigy...  The question of "who is the better Witch?" has now been answered!  

-WitchVsWarlock is a competitive puzzle/strategy game for (2) players featuring a charming arcane duel of cute magical creatures, lovingly drawn in timeless pixel art style


-The gameplay is a unique, seamless blend of turn-based and real-time action in which two simple commands (move, look) weave a mind-warpingly intricate tapestry of strategic possibilities


-A lot of players have asked about the release of this game, and at the moment that is a tough one to answer...  I am still focused on Disastr_Blastr for at least the next couple of months, and I feel that there is a lot of work left to do on WitchVsWarlock (particularly the graphics), so all I can say for now is I will be working on it, and keep an eye out for more updates on the game in 2015