StarGirl Super EMMA

Join EMMA and her friends as they fight to liberate THE MILKSTAR from the fiendish clutches of the tyrannical space bully FANGSTER GANGSTER! Experience the Ultimate GIRL POWER Pixel Game *StarGirl Super EMMA*!!! 

StarGirl Super EMMA is the current video game project in development at Dog Theory. 


Here are some videos and images of the early development of SGSE. Enjoy! 


Gather your courage. Calm your nerves. Breathe deep. Then descend into a radical new dimension of abstract minimalist arcade fury in DISASTR_BLASTR! 


Your ultimate indie arcade action nightmare begins now... Survive if you can!

DISASTR_BLASTR is the first released indie game by Dog Theory. Check it out on Steam! 


Thanks very much for checking out the Dog Theory Page, and for supporting Indie Game Development! See you soon! 

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